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(Australia) New South Wales builds high school just for students with autism

Oct 22, 2018, Maitland (NSW) Mercury: The Hunter's first high school tailored for children with autism is being built The Hunter’s first high school tailored for children with autism is anticipated to open its doors early next year. For prominent developer Hilton Grugeon, the new facility will fill the gap for older students with autism in the Hunter region. … “It became obvious that there were a number of pupils who won’t be able to transition, and we just can’t leave them out there in limbo,” he said. “We had hoped we would be able to transition most of them so we now need the high school facility.” The Hunter school caters for more than 140 students from across the Hunter, Central Coast and Far North Coast regions of NSW. “This is the only specialist autistic school in the region,” Mr Grugeon said. … The school enrols children aged from three years and 10 months and from across the areas of Hunter Valley, Newcastle and Lake Macquarie. “We are moving our middle school aged students over to the new facility which will provide more opportunities to enrol students in the primary school,” Ms Cheney said.

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