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(Australia) Millions more for mental health intervention in schools; 1 in 4 kids affected

June 10, 2019, Guardian (US edition): Scott Morrison pledges $2.8m for school-based mental health program—PM says the program focuses on early intervention to help the estimated one in four young Australians who experience mental illness Scott Morrison will announce $2.8m for a school-based mental health program on Tuesday, after pledging during the election to “break the curse” of youth suicide. The funding commitment to preventative service batyr Australia, which was developed by a university student suffering mental ill-health, will allow the program to expand its online footprint. … An estimated one in four young Australians aged 16 to 24 experience mental illness a year. … According to the service, seven out of 30 students in Australia will be dealing with a mental health issue, yet only two will reach out for support, leaving five “suffering in silence”…. The health minister, Greg Hunt, said batyr helped deliver quality frontline support and coordinated interventions for people at risk. “There are more pressures on young people today than ever before and we are committed to ensuring young Australians can get information, advice, counselling or treatment, when and where they need it,” Hunt said. During the election, the Coalition pledged to spend a further $42m on mental health initiatives for young and Indigenous Australians, on top of $461m in the budget for mental health and suicide prevention. …


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