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(Australia) Melbourne to add teen mental health center; Labor promises more help for every school

Oct 25, 2018, Sydney Morning Herald: [$43M US dollars] $60m mental health centre for teenagers to open in Parkville A new "centre of excellence" to support teenagers and young adults with mental health issues will open in Melbourne before the end of the year, providing clinical treatment for an estimated 5000 people every year. … It will also provide peer and family support, acute care and psychological treatments for young people in need. … The announcement comes a day after Labor pledged to hold a royal commission into the state’s mental health system, and also send mental health workers to every Victorian state high school if it is re-elected next month. … A recent analysis found that the number of Victorian children and teenagers, aged 10 to 19, presenting to hospital emergency departments with a mental health issue had tripled between 2008 and 2015. The steep rise far exceeded the rise in physical disorders. …


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