(Australia) "Massive increase in young people discussing suicide"

Sept 16, 2017, Australia, Melbourne Herald Sun: Five-year-olds calling counselling services to discuss suicide CHILDREN as young as five are calling counselling services to talk about suicide. News Corp Australia can reveal Kids Helpline has had several contacts from very young children, as the overall rate of young people reaching out to discuss suicide soars. In the six months from April to September Kids Helpline received 3316 contacts from young people aged five to 25 directly relating to suicide. This was up from 2440 contacts over the same period in 2016. ... To date this year the service has received telephone contacts from two children aged five-years-old to discuss suicide. ... In the other case a parent of a five-year-old from NSW was calling with their child after the child had disclosed they wanted to kill themselves. ... Child psychology service Quirky Kid has also seen a massive increase in young people discussing suicide, with 15 per cent of all child contacts this year relating to suicidal thoughts in some capacity, many from those under the age of 10. Two years ago barely any contacts fitted this category.