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(Australia) Lithgow: 'A really pleasing partnership...local mental health services and high school'

Mar 15, 2018, (Australia) Lithgow Mercury: Interim mental health support program for Lithgow youth announced The provider of the Nepean Blue Mountains Public Health Network, Wentworth Healthcare, has announced an interim mental health support program targeted at young people in Lithgow while the new headspace service is established. The program will allow Lithgow residents between the ages of 12-25 to access up to 12 sessions of low cost psychological services once referred by a GP. … In a press release Wentworth Healthcare said the program was developed in response to, “the high rates of psychological distress among youth in the area.” … Another aspect of the program, set up in collaboration with Lithgow High School, is that students attending the school will be able to access two sessions with mental health workers upon recommendation of the school’s counsellor. After which they can see a GP for assessment and referral. “Early intervention is critical, which is why support like this in Lithgow High School is so important,” Ms Reay said. … “It is a really pleasing partnership between local mental Health services and the High school.” …

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