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(Australia) Kids with AUTISM costing Nat'l Disability Insurance big time

Nov 5, 2018, Australian: Autism revealed as major NDIS cost The flagship National Disability Insurance Scheme is on track to cost more than $33 billion by the end of the next decade after executives in charge of the rollout for the first time singled out children with “high-functioning autism, developmental delay and sensory disabilities” as one of the key challenges. In its five years, the Nat¬ional Disability Insurance Agency, which handles the rollout of the scheme, has not gone into detail about specific causes of budget risks, but its 2017-18 annual report confirms there are at least four major factors never modelled by the Productivity Commission. The agency is now predicting total NDIS costs will rise from 0.9 per cent of GDP in 2020 to 1.4 per cent in 2030, hitting an even more expensive peak 15 years earlier than first forecast. … “The number of children in the scheme is higher than expected, particularly for children with high-functioning autism, developmental delay and sensory disabilities.”…

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