(Australia) Kids' mental health problems caused by "parents with demanding jobs"

Dec 5, 2017, (Australia) Daily Telegraph: Parents with demanding jobs are risking their children’s mental health, study finds PARENTS with demanding jobs are risking the mental health of their children, a new study has found. One of the first studies to show that a parent’s work-life imbalance affected their children’s mental health has proven if parents are subjected to work stress their children are also at high risk of becoming withdrawn and suffering anxiety. Researchers from the Australian National University and La Trobe University in Melbourne observed around 2500 working couples and their children aged from four years over a period of 10 years. They found children were at the highest risk of mental health issues when both parents experienced conflict between their job and family time. … “All parents are doing their best but when they are under enormous stress at work that impacts their mental health which in turn means they have a shorter fuse to deal with their children,” she said. Professor Strazdins said the poor mental health suffered by children as a result of parental work stress could be reversed, but that it did leave a lasting impact.