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(Australia) "Growing problem of childhood anxiety"; one in 7 children affected

June 3, 2019, 'Two of my children suffer from anxiety, and school meditation is not the solution' The growing problem of childhood anxiety should concern us all. While it's 'normal' to feel anxious on occasion, research has shown that an increasing number of Australian children are suffering from anxiety and stress. An OEDC report into school-age well-being has shown that nearly half of Australian school students feel "highly stressed", particularly when demands such as school exams are approaching. the earlier kids learn to manage their anxiety and stress, the better the outcomes. As a result, an increasing number of schools around the country are introducing mindfulness practices such as meditation into their classrooms. Brisbane's Brighton State School is the latest to do so, introducing a 10-minute meditation session for students after the Queensland Education Department found that one-in-seven young people aged between four and 17 were experiencing some form of mental health issue very year. It's a staggering statistic, and one that should concern us all. Two of my children suffer from anxiety and I've seen first-hand how debilitating it can be. My 15-year-old has been diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder. He also has a mood disorder and a mild form of autism.
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