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(Australia) Government trying to figure out how to reduce autism labels

Nov 22, 2023, Sky News: ‘Turbocharged’ neurodiversity movement: Rising number of young children on NDIS

Psychiatrist Dr Tanveer Ahmed says he’s interested in seeing how the government will try to claw back the broad autism label, as data shows 12 per cent of boys aged between five and seven are on the NDIS.

“We’ve basically turbocharged a sort of neurodiversity movement and these huge incentives to have these labels,” he told Sky News host Chris Kenny.

“Now the government wants to claw this back – it will not be easy.

“There’s such a strong interest group around this now.

“While they’re making noises that they’re going to claw it back, I’ll be very interested in seeing how they do that.”

VIDEO: News anchor speaking on the revelation that 12 percent, a full 12 percent, of boys aged between five and seven in this country are on the NDIS! Twelve percent! More than one in 10! And it’s five percent for girls! Why is this happening, Tanveer? Psychiatrist Dr Tanveer Ahmed: Autism has become this board label that now sucks up all manner of social and behavioral problems, and there’s a huge financial incentive to do so.

As a result, we basically turbo charged a sort of neurodiversity movement. …

The government wants claw this back. It will not be easy. There’s such a strong cohort of people, there’s such a strong interest group around this now. …

Claire Rowe: Child and Adolescent Psychologist: We’re saying 12 percent of young boys are disabled in this country. Clearly everyone knows that’s not the case. …


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