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(Australia)Gladstone school therapy dogs help students 'CALM DOWN'

Aug 11, 2018,The Observer: Why this Gladstone school is using dogs for therapy … Pablo and Moana are four-month-old moodle puppies (maltese poodle crosses) who have clearly settled in well to life at school. … "Dogs are unconditional love machines, when (the students) are feeling down or upset or needing to calm down, having something warm to cuddle has been super helpful," she said. "I find a lot of the students that do have trouble communicating their emotions really connect with the dogs," she said. … "Young people are unpredictable but add a dog into the mix and they just immediately are calm and chill," she said. "If someone is having a bad day you can just throw a puppy at them, they are so helpful to have."… "They make things calmer, if you don't feel comfortable you can just hold a puppy."… Ms Grealy said the school had plans to introduce more animals to school life….

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