(Australia) Club for disabled kids

Aug 30, 2017, News 9, Sydney, Australia: New therapy club for struggling kids 'first of its kind in Australia' A new therapy club Mt Tamborine, in South-East Queensland, is offering new hope to parents of children in need. The Kids’ Therapy Club, will launch at Tamborine Mountain State School in Gold Coast’s hinterland next week, and offers regular and affordable access to therapy for children with various disorders, mental health issues and disabilities such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Children of all ages who attend the club will have access to a range of therapy treatments, from sensory activities to social courses, facilitated by psychologists, physiotherapists, counsellors, and occupational and speech therapists. ... It is also furnished with a sensory room containing a fish tank and led-lit equipment, which director Fiona Fragakis said will play an essential role in helping children with special needs to relax. She said the goal of the club – the “first of its kind” in Australia to offer therapy outside of school hours – is to enable kids in need across the Scenic Rim to flourish, becoming “strong, healthy, capable and independent”. ...

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