(Australia) Bendigo: 40% of students experience trauma; teachers taught to help

Oct 18, 2017, Australia, Bendigo Advertiser: New training to help teachers support trauma-affected students A new program in Bendigo is helping equip teachers with skills to keep some of the region’s vulnerable children at school for longer. Teachers from 26 schools are undergoing training through the Berry Street Education Model, which aims to provide strategies to engage the most challenging students. School focused youth service co-ordinator Paul Taylor, who works from Bendigo Community Health Services, saw a need for the program in Bendigo, after talking to schools and teachers in the region. “I knew that people were struggling with dealing with those kids who had been trauma-affected and this seemed like the perfect answer,” he said. … “All those kids are trauma-affected.” … Ms Sampson said, in an average classroom, 40 per cent of students had had a potentially traumatising stressor. “That doesn’t mean necessarily that they are traumatised, but they’ve had some sort of event that for some kids depending on their stress-response could register as trauma in them,” she said.