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(Australia) Autistic 8 yr old denied services for a year; extreme sensory issues

Dec 14, 2018, 9News, Sydney: Perth boy unable to go to school for a year The mother of a young Perth boy says her son has fallen through a crack in the education system after being unable to go to school for a year. Jacob Trevenen has autism and has sensory sensitivity. His mother, Claire Trevenen, pulled him out of the classroom because he could not cope with the noise. “For over a year I was working with the school psychologist, working with the principal, we were trying to help Jacob,” Ms Trevenen told 9News. “Jacob needs somebody there with him, beside him, from the moment he goes to class to the moment he walks out.” However, the eight-year-old does not fit the criteria to receive full-time education support, instead he was funded for an education assistant for one hour a day, which his mother said is not enough…. After 9News investigated Jacob’s situation, the education department said they have found him a spot in an education support centre next year and will aim to transition him back to mainstream schooling.

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