(Australia) $3.2M for students with "the most challenging behavior"

Oct 25, 2017, Australia, The Advertiser: Hundreds more places for special-needs children in SA public schools HUNDREDS more places for children with disabilities in special classes and units at mainstream public schools will be funded under a State Government pledge. .. It comes on top of the state budget announcement of 100 places in each of two new schools to be built in the far northern and southern suburbs, opening in 2022. That takes the commitment to 354 new places over five years — a rise of 15 per cent on current numbers to more than 2600. … The Government is also pledging $3.2 million for a referral service, available to public and private schools, to help manage students with disabilities who have the most challenging behaviours. A specialist team will include a developmental psychiatrist, a GP and a mental health nurse. “Creating a further 154 places means special options for more families in their local area and ensures that we continue to support each and every young child and person to be their best.” There are currently 38 special units within mainstream public schools for students with significant or multiple disabilities, and 150 special classes across 92 schools for those with less severe disabilities