Austin, TX: School nurses have to deal with the decline in children's health

Aug 24, 2018, Austin (TX) Statesman: What does the school nurse want to know about your child? A lot If you think school nursing is just about taking temperatures and handing out bandages, a visit to the Kids First workshop at the University of Texas School of Nursing proves you wrong pretty quickly. During the course of two days earlier this month, about 300 nurses from districts around Central Texas learned the latest in managing ADHD, diabetes and mental health disorders, how to recognize child abuse and how to look for signs of stress and sleep deprivation in students….. What has changed is some of the things that are coming into nurses’ offices that weren’t decades ago. Mental health crises, particularly depression and anxiety, and problems with stress management come into the office more frequently, says Violet Filley, who has been a nurse for 23 years and works with sixth-graders to 12th-graders at Round Rock Opportunity Center. …

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