Austin, TX: Mental health "teleconferencing" for area students

Aug 17, 2017, Fox 7 Austin, TX: Improving mental health services in schools The Hogg Fondation is working to improve mental health services in area schools. Lockhart ISD is one of the districts to receive grant money for those services. Superintendent Susan Bohn talks about what this means for students. Video: Principal: “The services will include direct mental health treatment from mental health professionals through the use of software that is teleconferencing basically with students. And in addition to that we’ll also have a family partner who partners with families to advocate for them and their students to make sure they’re getting the mental health services they need. “We heard from our counselors that we had students on campuses who most likely weren’t receiving the mental health services that they needed, and so we really knew that we wanted to provide something, but of course cost is an issue, … We do have counselors who serve our children’s social and emotional needs quite frequently. That’s really what they do all day long, but then we also don’t have the professional mental health counseling staff at our district. This is a great way to bring those people to our students. … “We think that by providing [services] in school, …this is something that will really help them achieve. …

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