Austin, TX: Every school needs a nurse because "children have life-threatening conditions"

Dec 17, 2017, Austin TX) Statesman: Panel recommends every Austin school campus have a registered nurse / The Austin school district should place a licensed medical professional on every campus, according to new recommendations by a subcommittee tasked with examining school health services. … But putting nurses on every district campus would cost the district millions more than it already spends on health services, making it unclear whether or how the district could pay for such a request. … “We’re going to continue to work on this because we want all of our students cared for,” said Trustee Julie Cowan, who frequently attends student health advisory meetings. “The administration will need to continue to weigh all the options and decide what’s best for our students. I have confidence that our children will be well taken care of, keeping in mind this tough budget challenge we’re facing.” … Parent Kelly Tarun, whose son has asthma and a life-threatening allergy, began fighting cuts to nurses once the changes were made known in August, and she now co-chairs the health services subcommittee. Tarun said she’s grateful the district has heard parents’ concerns and gave them the opportunity to provide recommendations. … Since a registered nurse returned to her son’s school, the nurse has called parents and helped students with complex medical needs to learn to self-care, among other things. Tarun said it gives her peace of mind to have a trained medical professional on site in case her son needs it. But, even with Seton’s additional nurses, not all schools will have one, this year or in the future, which is a constant worry to some parents whose children have life-threatening conditions. “Every single campus needs a licensed medical professional bell-to-bell,” Tarun said. “Those kids on those campuses not only need a nurse, they deserve a nurse.”