Austin, TX: District gets $4.5M for 22 school mental health clinics to address aggression and more

Dec 19, 2017, Austin TX, My Statesman: Austin school district awarded $4.5 million for mental health clinics The Austin school district has received $4.5 million to open mental health centers in 22 elementary schools in the eastern part of the city during next semester. … Mental health centers currently operate in 18 middle and high schools in an effort to help students who have experienced trauma. The latest grant comes from federal money administered by Gov. Greg Abbott’s office and will pay for two staff members at each of 22 elementary schools to provide therapy services. The grant also will pay for identifying victims, teacher development and other social services for students. … Without mental health services, children with trauma often fail to develop social and emotional behaviors on par with their peers, and are less likely to properly cope with stress, manifesting in behaviors like aggression and avoidance, according to school district officials.