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Austin, TX: 30% of district schools on-campus mental health clinics

June 8, 2018, KXAN-TV, Austin, TX: Finding mental health help for students during summer vacation In Austin, KXAN found local schools try to be proactive about providing therapy by having mental health clinics on campus. On-campus therapists help students struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma and other issues they may be dealing with at home or school. "Young people can feel that they can trust somebody on campus to share those thoughts with, which is so important," said Laura Rifkin, therapist and assistant director of school-based services at Vida Clinic. Those clinics are open year round. "Mental health doesn't know school seasons," said Rifkin. " It doesn't run on the same calendar that schools run on." Forty out of 130 AISD schools have in-school therapists. At the other schools and other districts that don't have in-school clinics, if students need help, they have to go find a therapist on their own.

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