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Austin, MN: $1,400 grant for "new 'calming room'...for students in need of quiet space"

Sept 19, 2018, Austin (MN) Daily Herald: March of Health; For second consecutive year, Sumner earns award for being one of the healthiest schools in nation A sound body and sound mind are things that Sumner Elementary School looks to help students and teachers build during the school year, and their efforts have paid off. Sumner Elementary was one of only two schools statewide to be honored by the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. … Also happening at Sumner Elementary was the approval of several grants that helped them with healthy snack options and before school movement programs such as the $1,000 grant from Action for Healthy Kids, and a $1,400 grant from Austin Public Education Foundation for a new “calming room” inside their school to help furnish it for students in need of a quiet space….

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