Aurora, NY: School's therapy dog reduces behavior problems

Nov 27, 2017, Aurora, NY, SRY—TV: Aurora principal's therapy dog helping reduce student's stress and behavior problems Principal Chris Clapper has been bringing his dog Archer to work for the past three years. Over that time, the school has seen a reduction in student behavior referrals, which Clapper believes is due, in part, to Archer's presence. "He's especially good when a child needs that emotional connection," Clapper said. "He's there for them. He's there for them every single day. And they know that." Archer is usually a constant presence in the hallways before classes start, but he's also used for one-on-one time if a student is on good behavior. Southern Cayuga School District also a therapy dog in the adjoining high school for students. "It could be the one connection that gets [students] through the day or it helps them look forward to coming to school," Clapper said. "So if we can help provide that emotional connection: why wouldn't we?"