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Athens, OH: School renovations include new sensory rooms

Oct 21, 2018, Athens (OH) Post: Issue 3 will determine funding for Athens City School construction Proposed Issue 3 would renovate and rebuild several schools in the Athens City School District. Athens City School Board member Sean Parsons said the plan would allow the reconstructed schools to have buildings that would be around for 50 to 60 years…. If the levy is passed, the state would pay 32 percent of the final cost of the project, and the school district will be accepting the state’s money. The rebuilding of the elementary schools would begin immediately. The Athens High School rebuild would not start until the school district receives the money from the state…. Noriko Kantake, a parent and special needs advocate, is for Issue 3 and said the current accessibility for students with disabilities is not ideal…. New features that Athens schools receive under Issue 3 would include full-sized kitchens, easy accessibility for people with disabilities, sensory rooms, separate areas for pick-up and drop-off, full-court gyms, more energy efficiency, furniture replacement and new technology….

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