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Ashland, KY: 'There are more and more kids with autism'; school adds sensory garden

Oct 15, 2018, Ashland (KY) Daily Independent: Building better citizens -- Russell school, Lowe's partner on sensory garden An example of local educators going above and beyond for their students was on full display this week via a special project at Russell McDowell Intermediate School. The idea for a sensory garden at the school was the idea of special education teachers Lesley Ann Isom and Jamie Gibbs. …. "There are more and more kids with autism and we have a lot of kids coming up with autism," Isom said. "The perfect thing for them is a sensory garden. They can get some fresh air and reset. We are going to have swings, sensory stations and Lowe's is going to help us."… Xandrea Gallucci is the mother of Vincent Gallucci, 11. Vincent is a fifth grader at Russell-McDowell Intermediate School. Vincent was diagnosed with autism at 2, has been subject to seizures since 3, had surgery two years ago, and he has always been in special education. He is somewhere in the middle of the autism spectrum, not severe but not high-functioning either. His mother believes the sensory garden will be an incredible asset. "It would be a place he could go to get away from the noise of the assembly, the crush of the assembly, a place to center himself, to get back to normal," she said, adding "for an autistic child, a sensory garden can ease the pain of everyday life we all take for granted."…


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