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Ashland, KY: Nat'l survey shows parents don't want teachers armed; call for student screening

Updated: Jul 25, 2018

July 23, 2018, Ashland (KY) Daily Independent: Poll: Armed teachers low on list of parent security preferences HTTP://WWW.DAILYINDEPENDENT.COM/NEWS/POLL-ARMED-TEACHERS-LOW-ON-LIST-OF-PARENT-SECURITY-PREFERENCES/ARTICLE_39770330-8C5A-11E8-8A32-5BD10726A056.HTML ...The national poll showed 72 percent of parents being less than extremely or very confident in the security of their children’s schools…. Two-thirds don’t want a gun-carrying teacher in their child’s classroom and only about a quarter felt that arming teachers and other school staff would make their children safer. Measures parents largely support include mental health screening of students, metal detectors at entrances and armed police in schools. While large majorities support both police in schools and mental health screening, when it comes to spending money, parents overwhelmingly chose mental health services…. More than a third of parents fear for their child’s physical safety while at school and almost a third aren’t confident their child’s school has sufficient security to thwart a shooting.

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