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Arkansas: Governor calls for more school counselling; "threat-assessment teams" needed

July 10, 2018, Helena (AR) World: Governor directs the Department of Education to enhance school counseling services Better access to mental-health counseling for students must be a priority as Arkansas leaders look for ways to tighten security at public schools, Governor Asa Hutchinson said today as he accepted a preliminary report from the Arkansas School Safety Commission…. The Commission also focused on the mental-health aspect and surveyed the availability of school counseling for students. “It is crucial that we have mental-health counselors easily available to students,” Governor Hutchinson said at Tuesday’s news conference. “It is crucial that we have threat-assessment teams at schools that coordinate with counselors when a student’s behavior suggests the potential of violence.” … The commissioners also recommended specialized training for school resource officers; increased visibility of police officers on campuses; threat-assessment teams that will monitor situations with potential for violence; and regular assessments of school safety plans and policies….

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