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Arizona: Education program calls for MORE social workers, mental health help, nurses, counselors etc

Jan 10, 2019, Arizona Education News: NEW REPORT OUTLINES VISION, PRIORITIES FOR P-20 EDUCATION FUNDING In response to the ongoing and increasing need to address education funding in Arizona, representatives of more than 80 education, business and community organizations joined together to create a Roadmap for P-20 Education Funding(Roadmap). The Roadmap represents consensus on the major investments needed for P-20 education by 2030 that, coupled with effective instruction, policy and strategy implementation, will advance the shared goals in the Arizona Education Progress Meter and close persistent achievement gaps. … Begin scaling funding for wrap around services for students where those services are based on individual needs assessment, early interventions and a supply of school internal and external staff resources (including social workers, mental health professionals, nurses, speech and language therapist, school counselors, special education, etc.).


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