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AR: Dept. of Ed "has seen a 13% increase in SPED programs enrollment in 2018"

Oct 11, 2018, KARK, Little Rock, AR: Arkansas Sees Increase in Special Education Teachers The Arkansas Department of Education is reporting consistent gains in both teachers and students studying to enter the field of special education. While the need remains high, the growth in these licenses will benefit families across northwest Arkansas. "It's a win - win for everyone," Tom smith, U of A Professor of Special Education…. Arkansas changed it's special education license program 3 years ago, a move Tom Smith with the University of Arkansas says is the reason for the increase of educators. "Rather than having to get the initial license in regular education they can go straight into special education. … According to the Arkansas Department of Education, the Natural State has seen a 13 % increase in special education programs enrollment in 2018. …


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