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Annapolis, MD: New school board member focused on anxiety, depression,violent behavior

Nov 10, 2018, Annapolis (MD) Capital Gazette: Melissa Ellis: How Anne Arundel schools can help prevent future mass shootings Melissa Ellis is the Anne Arundel County Board of Education member: …What if we made improvements in our society that would reverse the trend we see in America’s youth of increasing incidents of anxiety, depression, substance abuse and violent behavior? An individual who is fulfilled in life, who has meaningful relationships, who has purpose, will likely never be the next mass shooter. I believe that if our goal with education was to develop individuals rather than to teach kids to perform academic tasks according to the latest, ever-changing standards, the result would be students who are academically successful and socially and emotionally developed and prepared for adulthood. If we were more focused on developing the mind than having students jump through academic hoops, we would create experiences in school that allow students to grow socially and emotionally as well as intellectually….

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