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Anchorage: Museum holds sensory friendly mornings

June 9, 2023, Alaska Public Media: Anchorage Museum holds ‘Sensory Friendly’ morning for visitors with disabilities

The Anchorage Museum is holding its monthly Sensory Friendly and Access Morning this Sunday. It’s an opportunity for people on the autism spectrum and people with developmental and physical disabilities to visit the museum while it’s quiet.

“It’s a really wonderful time for people to come and experience the museum just in terms of it being less crowded,” said Madelyn Troiano, an educator at the museum in charge of the program.

From 9 to 10 a.m., before the museum opens to the public, families have access to the first floor and the Art of the North Gallery. Most families gravitate to the Discovery Center, a collection of interactive exhibits on Alaska’s environment that can get really busy during the day, said Troiano. She said the earlier opening is all about providing people with the access and the space to take in the museum at a comfortable pace so they can get the full experience.

Two visitors touch an interactive volcano exhibit in the Anchorage Museum Discovery Center. The Discovery Center is the most popular spot during the museum’s Sensory-Friendly and Access Mornings. (Dev Hardikar/Alaska Public Media)…


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