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Ames, IA: Elementary school gets therapy dog; she "can help calm down a child"

Sept 3, 2018, Ames (IA) Tribune: Collins-Maxwell’s new therapy dog is settling into her position at the elementary school Kimber, the 3 1/2-year-old black lab, is at work when she’s inside the school, and because of the way she’s been trained, any attention from a person — such as petting, or hugging — is supposed to be earned. “She’s here to do a job,” said Grandon, who has also made a place for Kimber in his home, along with his wife, Kristin; two daughters, Mia, 7, and Ellie, 4; and two other pets, a 4-year-old goldendoodle and a 2-year-old cat. … Allen holds the dog in her room for a reason: to help children with special needs in special ways. … Kimber also can help calm down a child who might be having a difficult moment. In fact, both Grandon and Allen agree that’s probably Kimber’s number-one mission in the school — being a calming, soothing presence for a child in need of one. … This was one way Kimber was utilized to help other students in the school, and Grandon said it’s important to note, Kimber is not just for the kids in special education. She’s there for all kids, and can help to calm down any child who has a difficult moment. … “It’s exciting for a school our size to have a therapy dog.”

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