Alexandria, LA: Bill allows for use of physical force on students involved in bullying

Mar 15, 2018, KALB—TV, Alexandria, LA: Approved La bill allows for use of physical force against bullying The Senate Education Committee on Thursday approved legislation that permits public school officials to use physical force on students taking part in bullying and that protects school employees from punishment in attempting to stop bullying. Sen. John Milkovich, D-Shreveport, authored the bill as a response to bullying and its effects on children and teens. Milkovich said that over 14 percent of high school students have thought about suicide and that students were more likely to commit suicide if bullied in the past. … The bill would authorize any school employee who witnesses an incident of bullying to “take all steps deemed necessary to stop the behavior,” including reasonable force, physical restraint or using law enforcement to remove the offending student from the school grounds. It also states that employees could not be discharged, demoted, suspended or discriminated against if they attempt to stop bullying. ….