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Alexander City, AL: District has 8 kids with a diagnosis of dyslexia; 148 with signs of dyslexia

June 28, 2018, Alexander City (AL) Outlook: City BOE learns about dyslexia and finances The system has an average of about 15 percent of the student population in some sort of special education program, while the state average is 10 percent. “I was hoping it would be better,” Ward said. Ward explained the number would hopefully get better now the system has hired on Orton Gillingham certified teacher and four others are now trained for the program. The special education program also has a total of 23 certified teachers, three speech pathologists and 12 parapros. Ward explained the program cannot diagnose dyslexia but the system does have eight students with the medical diagnosis of dyslexia while another 148 students have characteristics of dyslexia…. Ward also informed the board the program holds monthly meetings with parents of students in the program on the first Monday of the month and that students are also taking part in Special Olympics. “It (Special Olympics) is a good thing for all our students,” Superintendent Dr. Darrell Cooper said. ...

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