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Albany, GA: 'Special' room for middle school autistic kids with sensory needs

Sept 26, 2018, WALB News, Albany, GA: Middle school students create ‘special’ room for children with special needs Two students in South Georgia are taking action in their community and representing the area as national champions for creating a really innovative construction project. It’s a sensory room for children with special needs…. “We built it for the special education students at our school. Our students have autism and can be nonverbal, so when they get distressed or uncomfortable in the situation they can often have different reactions that can lead to distractions in the classroom. So we decided to create a solution to this problem," explained Molly. … We had an active portion of our sensory room where they can take bottles and shake them, and we have our activity board where they can press buttons” said Molly. Like a fidget spinner, or an ADHD cube, the room is supposed to create an outlet for stress, provide sensory stimulation or even soothe symptoms of stress or anxiety. …

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