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ALABAMA: Dept of ed wants $7.7M for school-based mental health services

Jan 24, 2020, WAAY-TV Huntsville, AL: STATE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION WANTS TO ADD MORE FUNDING FOR MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES IN SCHOOLS The State Department of Education is working to improve mental health services in schools. The department wants $7.7 million in extra funding. "I think across our state and certainly across our district, we're seeing an increase of mental health issues at an earlier age for students," Keith Trawick, a student services supervisor for Madison County Schools, said…. "Having someone that is strictly focused on mental health issues and making sure that those needs are being met on a day to day that'll be fantastic for a school system, but most importantly a huge win for a student," Trawick said. The money would also provide more full-time therapists to schools. …

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