Akron, OH: "36...physical assaults and 64...verbal assaults" against teachers 2017-18

Feb 9, 2018, ABC5, Cleveland, OH: 22 Akron teachers assaulted by students are upset with how district is handling discipline … Rawling is one of 22 Akron teachers or counselors who has filed grievances this school year over the way the district has handled disciplinary action for students who committed physical or verbal assaults. Many teachers are planning to voice their concerns over the issue at Monday's school board meeting which starts at 5:30 p.m. A "safe schools rally" is also being organized before the meeting. Violation of contract? AEA President Pat Shipe contends the district continues to violate contract language by not reassigning or expelling students who commit assaults. … 36 physical assaults Statistics provided to News 5 by district officials show there have been 36 confirmed physical assaults and 64 confirmed verbal assaults against Akron teachers during the 2017-18 school year. … Shipe said the physical and verbal assaults are not limited to high schools. Some of the grievances relate to cases in the middle and elementary schools. Pregnant teacher assaulted Shipe said a pregnant teacher was assaulted twice by a first grader at Leggett Elementary School during the current school year. She said a boy had "a meltdown" and began kicking, hitting and punching the teacher in her stomach. The child was returned to the classroom where a second incident happened. "He did the same thing. He came at the teacher, and in this case, head-butted her, punched her in the stomach," Shipe said. After that, the boy was referred downtown with a recommendation for expulsion. Instead, he was returned to the teacher's classroom again and then moved to the class next door. James did not recall that specific case, but pointed out that some kids who commit assaults have special needs. "Is that a manifestation of that kid's disability? Could it be an emotionally disturbed kid?" … The school board is planning to form an ad hoc committee made up of faith-based people, court personnel, police officers and members of the teacher's union. The committee will look at disciplinary procedures and investigate the need for additional alternative programs for students. The committee is expected to be a topic at Monday's board meeting.