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Abilene, KS: Elem school adds 2 'calming rooms'; they're for students to "calm down"

Mar 29, 2019, Abilene (KS) Reflector Chronicle: $400,000 facelift for Abilene schools Maintaining school buildings is not a cheap endeavor. Earlier this month the Abilene Public Schools Board of Education approved the 2018-19 capital outlay budget that includes money to replace ceiling tiles, update some bathrooms, replace floors and carpets and buy a water heater. … Two “calming” rooms At McKinley Intermediate Elementary School one room will be divided to create two “calming rooms” with magnetic locks. Cost is $3,000. A calming room is a place where students who are having behavioral issues can go to calm down, Nelson said. They are used when a student exhibits excessive physical behavior. “Sometimes kids are aggressive but it’s usually short term,” Nelson said. “The de-escalation or calming room is a place to sit and have some solitude. Once they calm down, we can get them back into the education environment. The majority of the time they calm down and then go back to class.” …


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