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(UK) Lancashire: "Food allergy is a serious and growing public health issue"; now affecting 1 in 3

June 2, 2018, (UK) 2BR Lancaster: Food allergy lessons given to Lancashire children Lancashire children will be learning more about what life is like for those with potentially life-threatening food allergies. A new resource for schools has been developed by Lancashire County Council to educate young people about how serious food allergies can be, what they can do to protect people with serious allergies, and how to help if someone has a bad reaction. Parents of Osaldtwistle teenager Megan Lee (pictured below), who died after suffering an allergic reaction to a takeaway, are backing the move. The 15-year-old died from acute asthma due to a nut allergy. …Food allergy is a serious and growing public health issue. There has been a dramatic increase in allergic diseases in recent years, with one in three of the UK population living with an allergy of some form. County Councillor Shaun Turner, cabinet member for health and wellbeing, said: "Every school is likely to have at least one pupil who is severely food-allergic, and many schools will have more than one student who lives with a serious allergy. "We've developed these resources to increase awareness of food allergy as a serious issue and help educate young people and adults about the potentially life threatening nature of the disease....

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