(UK) Kensington: New special needs school will provide for 530 kids; 'there is a growing demand'

April 20, 2018, (UK) Evening Standard: Plans to expand primary school in worst borough for pupil places Plans have been approved to build a new primary in the borough with the worst record on school places for four-year-olds this year.. The new buildings would include the borough’s first special needs school and would cater for 530 pupils, a rise on the 368 children there now. Eighty places will be at the special school and 30 will be available as part of the new nursery. … Speaking after the planning meeting, Barlby’s headteacher Anthony Mannix said the demand for school places — particularly for those with additional needs — was “very much an issue”. “Our primary school is heavily oversubscribed, therefore not all parents are getting their first choice because they want us as their first choice,” he said. … A council spokesman said: “There is growing demand for a local special school as the number of children with autism continues to increase and currently many children have to travel out of the borough to receive specialist education.” …

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