(UK) Thatcham: New autism school for 60 students takes precedence

Aug 14, 2021, Newbury Today: Special Educational Needs School to Replace Thatcham Physiotherapy Practise

South central England Thatcham businesses are having to find new homes after plans for a special educational needs school were approved – despite nearly 100 objections. Phoenix Learning and Care's application to convert The Grange on Church Gate results in Harris Mind and Body and Raytheon having to relocate. Philip and Sarah Harris are owners of Harris Mind and Body, a family-run physiotherapy business based in The Atrium at The Grange…. However, the council argued that the need for a special educational needs school is more important than keeping the physiotherapy practise. But Mr Harris said: "I disagree with the summation in the report that one service is above another." Agent for Phoenix, Lucy White said: "The proposal will provide 60 new school places for children with special educational needs. In particular social, emotional, and behavioural needs such as autism, Aspergers, ADHD and severe anxiety. "These pupils are unable to cope in larger mainstream settings and will benefit from smaller class sizes and the applicant's integrated therapies such as speech, language and educational psychology."… During the council meeting, offers were made to the applicants to help them find an alternative premises.