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(UK) Merseyside: Boy ("not diagnosed yet") secluded in closet, then expelled

Oct 8, 2017, UK Daily Mail: Furious mother says primary school teacher locked her boy, four, in cupboard for an hour then expelled him for lashing out A furious mother claims teachers locked her four-year-old son in a 'store cupboard' with no windows for an hour - and then expelled him. Tina Yourelis said staff at Raeburn Primary School in Wirral, Merseyside, put her son Eli in a 'calming room' which had no windows or toys and looked like a 'prison cell' after an incident when he had lashed out. The 30-year-old claims she previously told staff that Eli has behavioural issues and would need learning support. But on his first day she was called into school over claims he attacked a dinner lady. Ms Yourelis claims this was because he was alone and 'petrified' of the other children in the playground. She said: 'Eli began hitting this person and as a result I was called into the school. 'Eli's condition is not diagnosed yet but he has trouble understanding social situations and will often get confused and lash out.'… 'He has lashed out a few times at school since he started but they haven't given him the support he needs.'... 'My son was in the cupboard hysterically crying and the school told me he was in the 'calming box' because they didn't know how else to deal with him. 'This 'calming box' was a store cupboard with no windows, water or toys to entertain him with, it was simply a green mat in a cupboard for him to sit on. …

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